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  • WTF's a Coxswain?

    But seriously.

    Carpooling to practice


    After eating regatta food all weekend…


    When you realize you’ll be back on the water in less than a month


    When the other coxswains were pissed I got the newest cox box


    When I got a new NK split/rate watch for Chirstmas


    Every coxswain, ever


    Coxswains in the weight room


    Sorry I’ve been MIA…

    …I’ve been going through a bit of a transition period with school/work/life but things have leveled out and I should be able to post and respond to messages more regularly now!!

    During the on-seasons


    rockinthatonedirection said: Just wondering, are you in high school or college? And have you ever gotten a new coach? Ours skipped out over the summer. I'm terrified of the new one since our last coach tended to verbally abuse us. And I've basically forgotten every call ever. The first few weeks should be interesting.

    I have recently graduated from college, thus my collegiate rowing career is over.  I rowed in high school as well, however.

    Well I had two coaches in high school, one for my novice year and then one for my three years on varsity, but that change was not so scary, as I knew what I was getting in terms of coaching.

    Collegiately however, I had an interesting experience.  Throughout my four years on the varsity squad for my college, I had three different coaches due to a number of reasons that I won’t dive in to.  It was a little scary, but the adjustment period was fast.  One was very quiet and laid back, one of them had a quick temper and was not as effective as he could have been as a result, which I think relates to your past coach.  The next one however, was calm and quiet yet effective; so you never really know what you’re going to get.  Regardless, the change will be uncomfortable, but if you keep your head on straight and just accept the change for what it is, you should be alright.  Just remember that you’re not the only one that will feel weird with the change, it’s an adjustment for your new coach as well.  A new program, new rowers, new river/lake/surroundings/etc will be daunting to the coach too.

    In terms of forgetting calls: it’s okay!  Everyone is usually a little rusty coming back from the off season.  Personally, I like to visit a few coxing websites to get me back into the “on the water” mindset.  Other than that it’s just like riding a bike, it will come to you before you even realize it.

    If you think you need some extra help or have any specific questions don’t be afraid to ask me or other coxswains!!

    I hope that helps!  If I don’t hear from you, good luck with your new coach and your upcoming season!! Just be patient and give it time, it will all fall into place :)