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  • WTF's a Coxswain?

    But seriously.

    Carpooling to practice

    When you realize you’ll be back on the water in less than a month

    When my friends make fun of me for having to wake up so early every day

    Whenever we cross the river

    We all check for barges like:

    When the other coxswain couldn’t keep a point during seat racing and ran into me

    When you’re tired and having a bad day at practice and someone tries to ask you a question

    When you look at the weather for tomorrows practice and it’s going to be cold and raining

    When one of the novice coxswains gets too close to me on the water

    When our coach gets mad and starts beating his launch with a paddle and yelling

    We’re all like:

    Running from the parking lot to the boat yard when you’re a few minutes late to practice